For many of those who do not have or cannot afford dental insurance, we are here to help! At iSmile Kaysville, we’ve created a program designed for anyone needing oral health care in Kaysville , Utah. Our program includes:

  • 2 basic cleanings per year
  • 2 comprehensive exams per year
  • Up to 4 decay detecting X-rays per year
  • 20% discount for retail dental fees (including orthodontics, implants, whitening, cosmetic treatments and more)
  • Exclusive access to iSmile Program specials

Adult plans are just $49.95 a year. For those who are 18 years or younger (or still under parental care), we offer child plans for $39.95/year. Take advantage of this valuable discount plan today by calling 801-544-3953! We hope that with this cost-friendly plan available to you, we will see you soon—at a visit with our dentists, Drs. Jason Barton and Chris Robertson.